Don’t forget to come along tomorrow night at 7pm in the City of London!

Great chance to have a few drinks, see Steve’s awesome photography, and hear some tales from the high Himalaya! Looking forward to saying thanks to all supporters of the Nepal School Project and everyone who enjoyed following the journey. We’re funded to build two schools in Makwanpur, with the first tranche of money having been released last week to start the project and we’re making good progress on a third!



Come along if you are free on Wednesday evening 18th October in London. Organised with Child Rescue Nepal and to say thanks for all your support!

A fun evening in support of Child Rescue Nepal and our project to build schools in Makwanpur. With your help we’ve already raised over £35k and enough to build two school buildings, still working towards a third! Going to have some great photos from Steve Brown on show too.

CRN - Everest Evening A5 Invite A/W.indd

Tickets available on

All monies to building schools in Makwanpur



If you’re in Dublin this weekend, come along to the Phoenix park on Sunday for talks on Everest

Hey all, I’ve been pretty quiet since I’ve been back! Looking forward to catching up with John Burke and Terry Kelleher this Sunday as we talk about our experiences on Everest this year. If you are in Dublin and can spare the time would love to see you there.

We’re also still fundraising for our Nepal School Project ( and they will be organising an event in London soon as well.


Summit Success! World record highest ever frisbee thrown!

Wow….it’s nearly a week since we stood on top of the world! Just before 10am on the 26th of May 2017.

Apologies to everyone for the lack of info and photos since we returned to civilisation. First I lost my camera and then we had some beers and then I felt a large dose of lethargy which I’m only just bouncing back from.

Luckily, although I’ve lost some awesome photos, Blake and Dorjee summited at the same time so I still have proof that I’m not faking it!

For the full write up of the summit push, you’ll have to have a little bit more patience and wait for the next Irish time’s article this Saturday but in the meantime here are some pictures from the last week, one of the best weeks ever!

Also, although we lost the video, we still captured a photo of the highest ever frisbee throw ever (we’ll claim it, unless anyone wants to prove otherwise!):


We have to admit it was an incomplete throw, an almighty gust of wind taking the frisbee far into Tibet. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the Chinese government, it was not my intention to litter, and if possible I’d like my frisbee back. It would have been illegal to have crossed into China after it!

Here I am on the right, with legends Galjen Dorjee and Blake Penson. I was wearing my expedition mitts for the first time as we were about to head on down and the cold winds had chilled my fingers to the point they were completely numb during our photo sessions. I soon warmed them up when back moving and with these mitts.


Regrettably, I’ve lost the best photos with the banners but at least we took a few with Blake’s camera! Let me know if there are any good photoshoppers out there who think they can help improving this.


The weather on the summit wasn’t the nicest as you can see from this short video from the summit, don’t think I’m going to be winning to be videographer awards!

And finally, chilling on the golf course in KTM the first day after we came down, what a wonderful afternoon we had, even if we ignored the course manager’s warning on the 15th that if we didn’t come in that the leopards would stalk us. For the record, I beat Jon 6&4 and no golfer has ever been eaten by a leopard in Kathmandu


If you’ve enjoyed the journey please consider supporting our attempt to build two schools in Makwanpur. The first is fully funded and then second is around £6k short. I’m going to match all donations towards the target over the next two weeks as we finish up our fund raising efforts. Your support is massively appreciated. This will make a huge difference in the villages of Thingan and Manthali and I’ve already promised to go back out and inspect the work when it is all done.


Thanks also to everyone who has sent in messages of support, followed the satelite tracker during the days and nights of the 24th to 26th of May, and provided support in different ways. This has been an awesome journey, luck has been on my side, now that my brain has selectively remembered only the good memories and deleted all the mundane and negative, I can honestly say I loved every moment!


Heading up the mountain for our summit push tomorrow 3am, latest Irish Times article published

Heading back up Icefall to camp II tomorrow morning, we’re targeting a window around 25/26.

There are a lot of teams looking to summit in the next 48 hours, going to be busy up there so wishing them all a safe climb. We’ve already seen some choppers taking a few people off the mountain in the past 24 hours from some of the higher camps. The winds are then expected to pick up 23/24 before the jet stream again shifts off the summit from the 25/26th.

Latest Irish Times article published this morning in weekend sports section (back page and online)

Everest Diary: Here we go again in summit quest
Wait brings challenges as we witness joy and despair on slopes ahead of our final attempt


Namche Bazaar – where we spent most of last week

Back in base camp, we’ll be heading up soon(ish), much patience required!

We got back to base camp yesterday afternoon in the end as the fog lifted around 5pm and choppers managed to take off from Lukla. The valley was buzzing with choppers as they all frantically tried to make a few flights before dark.

We had to run up to the helipad at Namche at short notice, check out the first chopper coming in to land through the fog in this video:

Sometimes it feels like we’re running around to stand still. After stressing out and legging it back here we spent the evening with Tim looking at the forecasts and ultimately decided to let the main crowds go for the current 20-21-[22] window and aim for the one after. There are a significant number of large expeditions on the hill now targeting this window slowly moving up to the higher camps to get into position and while we wish them well but for sure its going to be busy and there are associated risks. We had initially focused heavily on positioning the early window and now we’re going to be looking at the late ones. This has been a real test of our patience over the past few days, bear with us!

The exception was that the Lhotse weather window and lower crowds meant that Ronny headed up at 2am this morning up to Camp II and will be making for Camp III tomorrow. We’re following him closely from base camp. We’re now just down to the full Everest team of Blake, Jon and myself waiting with Tim at base camp.

Won’t be long now……surely….


Stuck in Namche


We’re trying to get out of this place and back up the hill for a summit push but the fog has set in and there have been no helicopters flying in or out of Lukla or Namche today.

Feels like Groundhog Day. The same song plays on a constant loop in the background of the Barista Cafe.

One by one each of us go off in a tantrum about one thing or another. At least we take turns.

We’ve had a good rest break here and I now feel like I’ve recovered from a lousy stomach upset but we want out bad. Please someone lift this fog and let us get out of here.


“Not paradise”

Aborted summit attempt, followed by a chopper to Namche

Greetings from Namche Bazar where we’ve now been chilling for a couple of days as we refocus our efforts following an initial summit attempt.

For all the info on last week’s excursions on the hill, check out this mornings article in the Irish Times:

Everest Diary: An aborted summit attempt, faulty ropes and R&R
Part eight: Rory McHugh and fellow climbers make their first attempt to reach the topIMG_5671.JPG

Once we got back to base camp, and with no clear window available to give it another go in the next few days Blake, Scott and I decided to grab a chopper to Namche, check out this cool video Blake took leaving base camp:

Now in Namche we are enjoying showers and beds and cafes and bars. There is even an Irish Bar here although they ran out of Guinness! 🙁 very annoying

In reality though, a couple of days in, we are already finding that there isn’t much to do here and we’re looking forward to finding the right weather window and getting back on the hill.


Namche Saturday Market

I’ll be back with another post from Namche over the next day or two. I think we’ll stroll up to the Monastery this afternoon and then watch a movie in the Nirvana Cafe after. Nothing too exciting!