Everest here we come!

Finalising plans this week around the expedition I’m going to join for Everest. In the past weeks I’ve had to firm up my intention to climb on the south side rather then the north (thanks to numerous posts on the subject, especially the one from Alan Arnette). It’s not a clear cut call and all the pro climbers who base themselves on the north have strong and opposing views to those who are based on the south.

The great news is that I’ll be joining Tim MosedaleĀ on his expedition and that we have a date for arriving in Kathmandu – 26th March. Now we can get into planning the details, finalising training plans, and ensuring we have all the kit we need for the big trip.

The other great news is that I’ll be joined for the first leg of the trip by Joanna Tizzard, Michael McHugh, Bernie Angopa, and Sami Mansour. It’s going to be a blast trekking to base camp with great friends and having all that funĀ it will make the overall trip feel a lot shorter I’m sure. We all climbed

Finally, I’ve also decided to write this blog, hopefully entertain some of you, and raise money for charity. Will let you know more shortly.