Leaving Dingboche

Nice breakfast this morning

Followed by cake and coffee at the local bakery
And now leaving civilisation for a few days again. 

Also, I forgot to mention Luca Giancola caught up with us earlier at Phortse. What a legend and hats off to him for bringing a variety of things I had forgotten: iPod, extra camera batteries, adaptor cables, and salami. Also, Child Rescue Nepal had managed to get him the banner which we’ll try to take to the summit:

Thanks to our corporate charity sponsors: Venn Partners, Funding 365, Profunder, LVA, UrbanRe, MyHome, Evalucom, Everest Biotech! All monies raised for building schools in Makwanpur! Getting close to funding our second school!

Follow us over the next few days on our Garmin mapreach

2 Replies to “Leaving Dingboche”

  1. Nice reading your news on my arrival to the office 🙂
    Massive respect to you guys ! Keep us updated and “Bon courage” for the next step.

  2. Thanks for taking the time out of this extraordinary adventure to enlighten those of us who are fascinated by this topography and the people who climb it. Good luck to your team and know , that many folks are hoping for you a successful and unencumbered expedition.

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