High camp Denali at 17,200 ft

Lost my appetite but otherwise spirits are good up at high camp as we prepare  mentally for the summit push tomorrow. Chose the wrong freeze dried meal – Mexican chicken – not what my stomach wanted when dinner time came around! Those kidney beans looked revolting.

The winds have picked up and the weather has definitely started to turn but Andy, Ian, and Mike from the Alpine Institute have decided we have the green light and will go for it. Quite a lot of people getting frostbite when making the wrong decisions with the weather here this year so we have full trust in our guys who have been awesome throughout.

Moving up to high camp

Moved up to high camp today, awesome sections including the ridge and washburn’s thumb. Setting up camp in some high winds was tough when we got there but all worth it.

Mike and Ian A-OK!

Andy peering around Washburn’s thumb

Penny coming up the fixed ropes

Inaugural Denali Frisbee Golf Champion 2016

Following a gruelling 18 hole final at 14,200 feet, Rory McHugh and Jonathan Guidry went to a 3 hole playoff and then to sudden death. Jonathan, having come back from a 4 hole deficit in the matchplay event final came incredibly close but ultimately Rory held strong and took the title.

Jonathan said afterwards: “Its a true honour to have made the final and take home the silver medal. Just want to congratulate Rory on a match well played”

Rory was also quick to congratulate Jonathan on a great come back “Jonathan is a true gentleman and it was an honour to have had the opportunity to compete with him in front of an excitable crowd at Camp 3. I just hope we haven’t over exerted ourselves in what was supposed to be our rest day before starting the summit push tomorrow.”


Denali – the fun starts here

Finally, after months of training and preparation, we made our final calls to loved ones, said good by to grass, tarmac, bed, internet, and warmth generally and got ready to fly onto the glacier – spending the next three weeks camping on the ice as we aim to summit North America’s highest peak

Left to right back: Daniel Goldstein, Barry Raferty, Julie Bedford, Jeremy Cote, Johnathan Guidry, Freddy Walker, Penelope Walker

Left to right front: Michael Sachs, Andy Stephen, Rory McHugh, Ian Mceleney, David Atkinson

Awesome to meet everyone over dinner in Anchorage last night.


Kilimanjaro – we all made it!

From left to right Godfrey, Rory McHugh, Jo Tizzard, Bernie Angopa, Michael McHugh, Sami Mansour, John the Legend.

6 days after arriving in Tanzania, we’ve all made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro.  The acclimatisation schedule was punishing and a few of the team suffered through uneasy stomachs and pounding headaches through the 8 hour summit bid but they all pushed through the pain barrier and succeeded to summit the highest point of the African continent!

We’ve all had a great time and despite it being rainy season we barely saw a drop till our decent from the hill. This meant climbing Kilimanjaro in the off season, and taking the Rongai route we had entire days where we didn’t see anyone else, quite unique for a mountain which can get as busy as Kili

It was my second time up Kilimanjaro having enjoyed the Umbwe route previously. I also managed to get extra training in by carrying a 25kg pack, so I’m starting to feel ready for Denali. Looking forward to my first run down at sea level around the town of Moshi!

Anyway, Time to relax and enjoy a few days of Safari before the team returns to London.