Kilimanjaro – we all made it!

From left to right Godfrey, Rory McHugh, Jo Tizzard, Bernie Angopa, Michael McHugh, Sami Mansour, John the Legend.

6 days after arriving in Tanzania, we’ve all made it to the summit of Kilimanjaro.  The acclimatisation schedule was punishing and a few of the team suffered through uneasy stomachs and pounding headaches through the 8 hour summit bid but they all pushed through the pain barrier and succeeded to summit the highest point of the African continent!

We’ve all had a great time and despite it being rainy season we barely saw a drop till our decent from the hill. This meant climbing Kilimanjaro in the off season, and taking the Rongai route we had entire days where we didn’t see anyone else, quite unique for a mountain which can get as busy as Kili

It was my second time up Kilimanjaro having enjoyed the Umbwe route previously. I also managed to get extra training in by carrying a 25kg pack, so I’m starting to feel ready for Denali. Looking forward to my first run down at sea level around the town of Moshi!

Anyway, Time to relax and enjoy a few days of Safari before the team returns to London.