Getting off the ice – not as easy as we thought – but finally – We’re on our way home!

After our success on the summit, we were in high spirits as we made our way back to the lower glacier where the planes land.

We hiked down from camp 3 all the way over night, the Alaskan summer nights never ending. We arrived back to the landing strip by 4am on 3rd June and celebrated by digging up the cache and breaking out the beers and Pringles.

Back at the first camp, where the planes land. This is 4am in the land of eternal light, and we are under strict orders to be quiet till 8am when Linda the camp and air strip manager wakes or we won’t be on a flight any time soon! As it happens, a blizzard comes in and we end up waiting 4 more days…so close…ugggh

The hike down the mountain through the night, this is the sunset at around 11pm, it only goes down and starts coming up again this far north in Alaska in June.

The weather clears and there are big cheers as the planes start flying in. Weather can cloud over quickly so we’re keen to get on one!

Dan, Freddy, Rory, & Jeremy waiting to be called for a flight, 24 days on the ice coming to an end, great trip all!

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