Here we go! Heading to Kathmandu tonight and delighted to report we have funded the first school project with Child Rescue Nepal

The excitement has been building for weeks and now I’m writing this already onboard our JetAir Flights as we prepare to fly to Kathmandu through Delhi at 8:50pm tonight.

This last week has been packed with last minute shopping, tearing my flat apart to look for random items, spending time with my family and friends, still working hard on some exciting projects with alternative lenders, and dealing with an unusual finger infection which has me on antibiotics as I try to clear it up before we get going.

Here we all are out at the airport just before check in. Its been a busy few weeks, I’m going to sleep like a baby!

everest expedition Heathrow

Left to right: Michael McHugh, Sami Mansour, Jo Tizzard, Rory McHugh, Bernie Angopa. They’re all joining the trip as far as base camp, and we expect to get there just before Easter Sunday.

We’ll be in touch soon from Kathmandu!

The charity fundraising is also going brilliantly and we fully funded our first school this week just before our departure! Your support is hugely appreciated. We’ve had a number of new corporate charity partners join us over the last week, we’ll be unveiling them next week, its never too late!




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