Heading up the icefall, should be back Tuesday

After the best part of a week at base camp, we are excited to be heading up through the Khumbu icefall tomorrow to Camp I (6000m). We expect we’ll stay there for a couple of nights and then head up to Camp II (6400m) for a night before returning to Base Camp.

I can send update messages to twitter on @realrorymchugh through my satellite communicator (haven’t worked out how to send through this blog).

We’ve had a little snow tonight, this is our camp this evening, that’s my tent on the most right hand side


And this was me going through the icefall on a “recce” earlier this week, we’ll be having breakfast at 3am tomorrow and heading at 330am, we’re expecting it will take us somewhere between 5 and 8 hours to cross the icefall and make camp II


Latest Irish Times article should be out tomorrow morning, I won’t see it till I get back down tuesday or Wednesday though, feel free to do a google search or I’ll share when I get down.

With the early start its going to be tough sleeping tonight

All the best.
















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  1. Smash it today mate. Very exciting to be at this point. From the photos you’re looking in the best shape I’ve ever seen you.

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