Aborted summit attempt, followed by a chopper to Namche

Greetings from Namche Bazar where we’ve now been chilling for a couple of days as we refocus our efforts following an initial summit attempt.

For all the info on last week’s excursions on the hill, check out this mornings article in the Irish Times:

Everest Diary: An aborted summit attempt, faulty ropes and R&R
Part eight: Rory McHugh and fellow climbers make their first attempt to reach the topIMG_5671.JPG

Once we got back to base camp, and with no clear window available to give it another go in the next few days Blake, Scott and I decided to grab a chopper to Namche, check out this cool video Blake took leaving base camp:

Now in Namche we are enjoying showers and beds and cafes and bars. There is even an Irish Bar here although they ran out of Guinness! 🙁 very annoying

In reality though, a couple of days in, we are already finding that there isn’t much to do here and we’re looking forward to finding the right weather window and getting back on the hill.


Namche Saturday Market

I’ll be back with another post from Namche over the next day or two. I think we’ll stroll up to the Monastery this afternoon and then watch a movie in the Nirvana Cafe after. Nothing too exciting!


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